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Catherine Llorens-Cortes receives the 2014 Galien France pharmaceutical research award for her work on the key role of angiotensin III at brain level in the control of blood pressure   (12/12/2014 09:30)

Quantum Genomics (Alternext - FR0011648971 - ALQGC), a biopharmaceutical company that develops new treatments for unmet medical needs related to cardiovascular diseases, is pleased to announce that Dr Catherine Llorens-Cortes has been given the Galien France award (research category), presented at the 45th edition of these prestigious international awards, which celebrate work in pharmaceutical research annually.

As director of a first-class study at the INSERM U691 unit titled "Central neuropeptides in the regulation of body fluid homeostasis and cardiovascular functions" at the Collège de France (incorporated since 2011 into the Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche Biologique / "Interdisciplinary Centre for Biological Research"), Dr Catherine Llorens-Cortes carried out fundamental high-level research during the two phases of her career which led to potentially major therapeutic advances: one dealing with the cerebral opioid system and another targeting the cardiovascular system, particularly with respect to the key role of angiotensin III at brain level in the control of blood pressure.
This research forms the core of the innovative therapeutic platform developed by Quantum Genomics through a new class of molecules acting on the brain called Brain Aminopeptidase A Inhibitors (BAPAIs) for the treatment of arterial hypertension and the prevention of associated cardiovascular risks such as heart failure.

The first molecule from this new class of antihypertensive agents, the "first-in-class" drug candidate QGC001, will be used in a phase-two clinical trial on patients with high blood pressure in early 2015.


Speaking on the occasion of the awards, Lionel Ségard, Chair and Managing Director of Quantum Genomics, said:

"I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the laboratory teams at INSERM and the Collège de France for this prestigious award that honors nearly 20 years of academic work.

Quantum Genomics is proud to collaborate on these projects with the aim of bringing to market a new class of antihypertensive drugs arising from this innovative therapeutic approach, leading to better regulation of illness-related blood pressure and to progress in the fight against cardiovascular diseases."


Presented since 1970, the Prix Galien has been awarded to world-renowned researchers including, in France, professors Pottier (1994), Roques (1995), Schwartz (2001) Couvreur (2009) and Ladzunski (2012). It has recognised major therapeutic advances in cardiovascular treatments such as Rivaroxaban (Xarelto, Bayer), Dabigatran (Pradaxa, Boerhinger Ingelheim), Clopidogrel (Plavix, Sanofi), Losartan (Cozaar, MSD), Nifedipine (Adalate, Bayer) and Simvastatin (Zocor, MSD), all of which have been leading drugs in recent years.


About Prix Galien

The prix Galien was created in France in 1970 by a pharmacist named Roland Mehl. Its aim was to promote significant advances in pharmaceutical research. Until the creation of the Prix Galien, this field of research had remained largely unrecognized.

A prominent jury was brought together, including clinicians, toxicologists, pharmacologists and pharmacists. Each year, the award has been an opportunity to give credit to the most important drugs introduced into the public market as well as to the achievements of the best research team in the pharmaceutical field. Since its creation, the Galien award has grown into a major event. It is seen as an influential event by all those interested in pharmaceutical research, including public authorities, scientists, pharmaceutical companies and medical press groups. For this reason, it is also considered as the industry's equivalent of the Nobel prize and the highest accolade for pharmaceutical research and development.

The importance of the Prix Galien in France has led to similar initiatives in several other countries. The first countries other then France to create their own Galien award were Belgium and Luxemburg in 1982, followed in 1984 by Germany, and in 1985 by the Netherlands. In 1988 the United Kingdom created a Galien award, followed in 1989 by Italy, in 1990 by Spain, in 1992 by Portugal, in 1993 by Canada, in 2001 by Switzerland and in 2007 by the United States, in 2012, Poland, Israël, Greece, Russia and Maghreb in 2013.

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About Quantum Genomics

Quantum Genomics is a biopharmaceutical company with the mission of developing new therapies for unmet medical needs in the field of cardiovascular diseases, especially high blood pressure and heart failure.

Quantum Genomics is developing a new therapeutic approach based on BAPAI (Brain Aminopeptidase A Inhibition). This is the result of more than twenty years of academic research that has taken place in the laboratories of the Collège de France, INSERM and CNRS.

Quantum Genomics is listed on Alternext in Paris (ISIN code: FR0011648971 - ticker ALQGC).


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